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Throughout the different assembly steps, we have noted the foam backside by a textured surface. The objective is to help you position your sections in the appropriate direction.

King Arthur’s Camelot - Castles & Cathedrals


If your 3D puzzle comes with decorative cardboard additions, we suggest using a paper clip (*not included) to enlarge the slots intended for their insertion.

The objective is to avoid damaging the pieces as well as facilitating the insertion of the decorative cardboard additions.


In the images of the flat sections necessary for each step, you will note small black circles next to certain sections. The aim is to draw your attention to the distinctive feature of one or more joints (tenons). The objective is to help you differentiate the sections that may appear identical at the first glance. Observe and take note to carefully identify the appropriate section required for the step at hand.

Le Château Frontenac - Castles & Cathedrals

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